Software Testing Webinars

Netow Solutions Software Testing webinars are designed for freshers and experienced testers to introduce you to the software testing life-cycle and advacne testing techniques.

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Performance Testing And Its Importance20th Sept 2023
8pm WAT
Abubakar Muhammed QA Engineer
Collaboration in all forms of testing: Case study of Manual, Automated UI, API Manual and automation13th September 2023
8pm WAT
Omoniyi Osadare Software Engineer
Considering a career in the software field6th September 2023
8pm WAT
Funmilayo AkinwaleQA Engineer
QA Career Path - Specialisation within QA and steps to transition into other roles30th August 2023
8pm WAT
TobiQA Manager
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)17th August 2023
8pm WAT
Ayodele Akinbohun Software Engineer
Communication and its benefit in QA 15th August 2023
8pm WAT
Samuel Obodehco-Founder and CTO
Work Culture15th Sept. 2022
8pm WAT
Obodeh SamuelProduct Owner | Solutions Architect
Effective Time Management8th Feb. 2022
8pm WAT
Kunle OduwobiQuality Assurance Engineer
The Role QA in Software Development Lifecycle 10th Feb. 2022
8pm WAT
Mariam A. YinusSenior Product Manager
Why QA Should Collaborate More 15th Feb. 2022
8pm WAT
Kaka OrdorProduct Manager
Agile Testing17th Feb. 2022
8pm WAT
FatimahSenior QA Tester
Excel hints in formatting your test case document 22th Feb. 2022
8pm WAT
TobiQA Manager
Communication and it's benefit in QA24th Feb. 2022
8pm WAT
Kolapo BankoleSenior QA Engineer
My Ride To Software Testing8th March 2022
8pm WAT
QA Testing Soft Skills to mastersKingsley AsuamahAmazon Associate
Introducing BDD and TDD
Accelerate Your Automation With API Testing
Measuring Your Way to Successful Automation
Implement BDD Testing Like a pro for Quality Test Automation
Taking Care of the User - Is Your Mobile App User-friendly? All You Need to Know About Usability Testing
Acceptance Criteria Vs Scenarios - Writing Better User Stories
Guide on Selecting Best tool for your Project
Effective Measure of Quality Assurance Process
API and API Testing: Why are they needed?
Software QA and it's benefits in Organizations

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My Ride to Software Testing

Effective Time Management