Top Software Testing Companies in Nigeria to Work with


Seeing the ever-evolving business requirements and technology boom, companies need to choose sophisticated software solutions that are not just powerful but meets the end users need.

With solutions and IT sectors becoming more complex, it is important for organizations to consider releasing quality software as their topmost priority and this can only be achieved only when QA & Testing are involved in software development life cycle. 

Some companies continuously suffer from software-related issues that hinder to the success and growth of their businesses.

This is why it is high time that organizations need to infuse QA & Testing in their software development process which will in return guarantee successful product delivery.

In case you’re searching for a QA outsourcing partner that will take care of your testing needs, or a software testing company, you need to look into their expertise and be sure they have all your testing needs covered. I have listed down 7 software testing companies in Nigeria you can partner with. 

Netow Solutions Ltd

Netow Solutions is an independent quality assurance and software testing company in Lagos, Nigeria. As a software testing company, they help their clients increase both the quality of the software they produce and the efficiency of test delivery by optimizing their testing processes.

Netow solutions testing service cut across multiple industries like health, banks, e-commerce, logistics, education financing, startups, etc. Some of there services include QA & Software Testing, Consultancy & Advisory, Documentation and Technical Writing, and Training.



Summitech Computing Ltd

Summitech Computing Ltd is a digital team of young & ambitious minds in Nigeria who have worked on some of the most bleeding edge tech products in Nigeria and provide cutting edge technical solutions. Their Services include Web Designing & Development, Mobile Application Development, QA Outsourcing, IT Support & Social Media Management.



Tezza Business Solutions

Tezza Business Solutions Ltd is a “niche” service provider of Software Development, Quality Assurance, and Software Testing services. Beginning its operations in 2000 as a Web Development company in the US, they’ve since evolved into a Services-oriented company who only engages in Product development as a value-add service to its customers.



Osprey Zenith’s

Osprey Zenith’s technology services offer dependable and flexible solutions that allow organizations to position their IT as a competitive differentiator.

Osprey Zenith’s partners include two of the world’s largest technology companies HP and IBM. They partnered with the world’s leading Systems Integrators and Outsourcers, leveraging their complementary strengths combined with leading ISV partners.



Kordahi Technologies

Kordahi Technologies has a panel for dedicated Quality assurance services in Nigeria to check for an ideal PDLC (Product Development Life Cycle), chronological error solving, testing real-time, creating perfect prototypes, adequate code mass, etc.

Software testing services in Lagos from Kordahi Technologies believes in handing over a project, which is easily manageable and in critical times can be easily reciprocated to previous stable states. 




Sharptester is an independent software testing & training company in Nigeria. As a software testing company, they serve global clients whilst ensuring the quality of their products, services, web, mobile and desktop applications across several domains.



1st Image Consultancy

1st Image Consultancy was established in 2010 in Nigeria to address the void in IT professional services, particularly the emerging sector of ‘Software Testing’. Their background stems from the wealth of consultancy experience predominantly from the UK. The experience was gained from high profile clients, such as Mark & Spencer, BSKYB, Comet to mention a few.

1st Image Consultancy is currently in partnership with British Computer Society (BCS) BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT champions the global IT profession and the interests of individuals and organizations engaged in the IT profession for the benefit of all.



Criteria for selecting the best software testing outsourcing company in Nigeria

  • Flexibility: A good QA outsourcing company should be able to address all aspects of your project i.e. your platforms, methodologies, services, and engagement models
  • Experience level: how long have they been providing this service? How many industries or methodologies do they have experience with?
  • All shore: do you have the option of choosing where their testers will work from i.e. remote team, onsite or mixed.
  • People: QA outsourcing company should have a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals including software testing engineers, software testing leads, Business analyst, project managers, and technical specialists.
  • Quality Improvement: The key objective of the client is often to obtain a significant improvement in quality and this can be achieved through QA outsourcing.
  • Portfolio: Look through the company’s QA services portfolio. It should present a wide range of manual and automated testing services and address a variety of methodologies and platforms.   
  • Agile Methodology: The company should have developed an Agile culture. Agile processes are targeted at the effective and rapid reaction to changes through continuous interaction and constant knowledge sharing.


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