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1. Market & promote offline

This is probably the no.1 mistake most clients make. Having a great website is simply not enough to make your business to be successful. You need to market your business everywhere, and that includes promoting it offline.

To get the right people to come to your websites you need to be seeking them out in places where they might be – don’t just restrict yourself to online. For example, I promote my website in the Web Design Services section of a free weekly advertising magazine that is distributed in local shops. A lot of my work comes from this and so the investment is worth it.

2. Market & promote online

Likewise, you need to market online too, but don’t just put all your eggs in a Facebook basket. Think about sending digital press releases to local magazines and bloggers when you launch a new product or have exciting news. Set up an email marketing campaign. Send sample products to bloggers in exchange for them reviewing it. Have a particular expertise (e.g. food, vintage clothing, art, plants)? Offer to write an article about it on other blogs or online magazines. Get your name and your business’ name out there!

3. Have a social media strategy

We all know social media can be a powerful tool, but to really make the most of it and encourage new ‘likers’ and ‘followers’, you need to think about your strategy.

Promotions and giveaways encouraging entrants to like and share your page in order to enter are great way of getting new likers. Try sponsored posts on Facebook. This is not as expensive as you might think, and you can target your posts/ads to a specific audience including gender and age group.

4. Use Google Analytics

Make sure Google Analytics is set up for your website (I always do this for my clients) and keep a close eye on what’s working and what’s not.

5. Keep your website up-to-date and refresh it

Keep your website content up-to-date and don’t be afraid to change it if you think it’s not working. Think about what your customers want. Is it the start of spring? Perhaps you could launch a spring offer or spring sale, or a ‘what’s in season’ if you’re in the food or plant industry. Changing content will help encourage people back to the website.

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