The Role of QA in Making Successful Businesses

Why QA Is Essential for Any Business is that It helps in saving costs as well as fixing the errors before they get to the end-user. Agile is the methodology that is now mostly used in both the software testing and development life cycle. QA needs to be an integral part of each phase of SDLC because doing so can make your development successful and in return help your business grow faster. In this article, I will be focusing on why companies should invest in a QA & software testing company and what’s in it for them. 

Role of a QA

Role of QA Testers

  • Get clarification and analysis of the requirements with the business analysts or client 
  • Identifying the problem areas
  • Planning the testing process
  • Writing test cases
  • Functional testing
  • Testing analysis
  • Discussing fixes with developers
  • Tracking the lifecycle of errors
  • Re-testing fixed defects
  • Optimizing the testing process
  • Improving the process
  • Maintaining test documentation

But what’s the responsibility of the QA/software testing company as a whole? Why does testing need to be a part of development? Let’s find that out too.

Features of the QA team

The QA team lead plays a significant role in managing the QA & testing process, ensuring that the team’s capabilities match the demand of the projects.

How does QA help save money?

  • Security check & compliance: If you’re building any application e.g banking app that involves money transfer, the QA team will make efforts to ensure that there are no security flow thereby making sure the transfer will be addressed to the right account.
  • Early debugging: It’s cheaper to fix bugs earlier in the development process rather than doing that after the product is finished and released to the end users. Remember, “Prevention is better than the cure”. That’s why having a QA team is a must for your organisation.
  • A reputation that matters: You’re putting your business or company reputation on the line if the application is not tested before it’s released. A buggy application will not please your end users and you may lose their trust to your competitors.  

If you want to make the product right, save cost and get the best QA outsourcing services you have to test it right by an experienced QA team. 


QA – Quality Assurance

SDLC– Software Development Life Cycle

Written By: Oluwatobi Fagbohungbe

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