Reasons why you don’t get enough traffic on your website

You have launched your new website and the excitement keeps booming as you feel you have attained some level of achievement but after a while,  you noticed nobody is visiting your website. Is it time to panic?

Not yet! There could be lots of reasons why you are experiencing this issue. I will list out a few reasons why you don’t get enough traffic on your website. First, you need to have an analytic tool like Google Analytics implemented on your website. Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics is the ideal best tool to track who is coming to your site and what they are doing.

What do I need to do in other to start driving traffic to my website?

Tell People about it

This can be done by word of mouth. Broadcast that you have a new website. Share your website link on social media. Send bulk emails to your target audience or customers
Every website is so new that nobody knows it even exists! You need to make sure that everyone, including Google and other search engines, knows your website is alive.

Tell Google about it

Google cant automatically know you have a new website. You have to tell them. How do you do that? Use Google Search Console. (If Netow Solutions made your site for, then be rest assured this is something we have already done.) You need to set up your account, add your website to it, verify your website, and finally, submit your XML sitemap. Your XML sitemap helps Google to know the roadmap to the pages of your site.

Add your website to Google Business Listing

This free listing puts your business on the map for your local customers and is very important!

Your site is not mobile friendly

Google now adapt mobile-first indexing and if your site isn’t mobile friendly, it will definitely going to lose rank in the search engines. Google has changed the way they now index websites by looking for your mobile content before your desktop content. If your competitors have responsive websites and you don’t, expect your customers to start going to the competition’s website. (If Netow Solutions made your site, then be rest assured this is something we have already done.)

You don’t create new content

It is important you know that “new content creates new traffic”. The more content you create, the more chances you have to be found. From my over 8 years of experience in building a website, I noticed must client leave their website the same way it was after it was launched and expect to get people to keep visiting their website. If you want more traffic, don’t be afraid to keep engaging your site and share your knowledge.

Your website is slow

Regardless of how great your website content is, visitors are not likely to be patient and are not going to wait at your website doorstep, especially when they can access your competitor’s website faster.

In conclusion, to build authority in the search engines takes time, but you can achieve a lot by adopting some of the few suggestions listed on the post.

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