Reasons Why Tech Startups in Nigeria Must Invest in Software Testing

Nigerian tech startups have shown their tenacity in their quest to build products and solve problems in the country. Lagos and Abuja stand as the base of tech companies in Nigeria where each startup strive to breakthrough in this competitive industry by developing and launching something new. Therefore, for startups to launch out a new product and win the heart of there customers, it is important that they invest in software testing.

For this reason, I will list out a few reasons why it is very important for startups to invest in software testing.


Software Testing Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a very vital role in promoting a company’s reputation along with making profit. What keeps your customers is a good quality software which boosts their satisfaction. Customers are impatient and are never loyal. It is always difficult for a new product to win the heart of a customer to has once been disappointed by the same product. If you release a good product that satisfies your customer they well in return spread the word of mouth to others.


Software Testing Leads to Great User Experience

User experience plays a very important role in any product. Bad user experience will always result in frustration and dissatisfaction. On the contrary, a product with good user experience is the result of well-tested software product which always leads to satisfied customers.


Software Testing will Save you Money

When you are building a product, you are likely to have had less finance and for this reason, most startup companies would rather do away with having an in-house QA team which will cost more money. Regardless of your financial situation, you cannot take the risk of customer dissatisfaction.


Releasing a faulty or buggy software will eventually cost you, your users and clients. In addition, in most cases, it’s more expensive and difficult to resolve bugs. Therefore, employing in-housing or outsourced QA testing during the development process of your software will save you time and money.


Software Testing Helps Increase Companies Revenue

Investing in QA outsourcing will initially cost less money and on the long-run, this investment will give your customer much satisfaction and in return, your company will make a profit.


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