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Start Your Career Into Software Testing

Looking to jump-start your career as a Software Tester?

At Netow Solutions, we can help you kickstart your career in software testing by providing you with knowledge and hands-on experience in QA & Software testing.

In this course, you will learn basic skills and concepts of Software Testing. Lessons are taught using REAL-LIFE Examples for improved learning. Our experienced staff will assist you to prepare your resume and will conduct mock interviews to help you gain confidence to face real interviews. We also help with recruiter-driven job placement assistance.

Why consider a software Tester career path in the IT industry?

Software QA testers are responsible for testing software to assure there are no bugs.

  • They also make sure that the user interface is efficient so it will be easier for the customers to use the software.
  • The IT industry has always been on the leading edge and software are being developed all around the world, therefore Tester is on high demand to test applications
  • Forbes has listed software QA engineers as one of the “Happiest Job”.

So, if you are new to the Information Technology field and you want to start your career in the Tech industry, Software Testing is the best option to choose because of the lucrative job market.

Who is eligible for the training?

  • Candidates from non-IT backgrounds can take the QA course and achieve a successful career in IT.
  • Those seeking a career switch
  • Anybody with basic computer skills can do the course. All you need is a willingness to work, attention to details, and written communication skill
  • Those that want to improve there testing skills

What to Expect

  • Complete knowledge on QA process starting from requirement gathering to project delivery
  • An understanding of the role of QA on how Software Projects are handled with Live examples
  • In-Depth Understanding of current Software Testing methodologies
  • Understand project management tools like JIRA, trello from Scratch with Live project demonstration
  • Thorough knowledge of latest Practices like Agile Scrum, SDLC, STLC, Test-driven, Behaviour driven approaches
  • Strong exposure to designing test cases and defect life cycle process
  • Testing types and their real-time usages in projects at different stages
  • Free access to software testing tools, ebooks, and videos
  • Get mentored by  experienced QA Experts
  • Stand a chance to be referred to companies in need of testers
  • A one month voluntary internship with Netow Solutions to further enhance your testing skills
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Access to recorded training session & materials


  • Basic Knowledge of Computers.
  • Must have a Personal Laptop

2023 Training Programs

Entry Level

Entry Level Manual Testing Training

This training will cover the basic skills an entry level tester will need to start a career in software testing. It covers the ISTQB foundation training curriculum and it will be practical intense. At the end of the training we will help student create there CVs, LinkedIn profile and also prepare them for interviews.

At the end of the training student will be issued certification of participation by Netow Solutions.

Duration: 1 Month
Price: N120,000

Entry Level + API & Performance Testing

Advance Level Testing Training

This package is for student who have taking the entry level training and want to advance further in picking up API and Performance Testing skills. We will training you on how to use tools like Postman to test and automate APIs, as well as training you on performance testing using Jmeter.

Duration: 2 Month
Price: N200,000

API, Performance & Testing only

Advance Level Training

This package is for those who already passed the entry level stage and wants to advance there skills in API and Permance testing training. Our QA expert will training you on how to use tools like Postman to test and automate APIs, as well as training you on performance testing using Jmeter.


Duration:1 Month
Price: N120,000

Meet The Facilitators

Netow Solutions

Oluwatobi .F

Quality Assurance Manager

Netow Solutions

Muburak A

Quality Assurance Engineer

Sarah O.

QA Engineer

Samuel O.

Product Owner/Solutions Architect

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