How do i get more traffic on my website?

WEBSITE TRAFFIC is yet another aspect in life where the only answer is more and the most amazing thing is that no one ever gets tired of a crowd. While there are no hard or fast rules to increasing the traffic on any website, i would be sharing a few tips i consider best practices:

Let people know about your new posts on social media.

With the webpress publicity feature on webpress websites you can promote your posts automatically via your social media handles. You can also post interesting write-ups about your products or services on your personal social media handles and then add a link of your website as reference.

Allow your content to be accessible to search engines.

If you would like your posts to be indexed by search engines, your blog privacy settings must be configured for visibility to all search engines. Your blog is an amazing way to get people interested in your website. Regular blogging is one of the best tools for launching a brand but most people seldom explore this avenue.

Make your family, friends and acquaintances your primary source of traffic.

As the saying goes, “Charity begins at home”. It might be a good idea to start getting your real-life friends and family invented in promoting your online presence. Encourage them to visit your website and place a comment on your blog, and alert them whenever there is a new post on your website. Encourage them to also promote your posts on social media as this would ensure you are reaching a larger audience.

Sponsor your adverts on social media, blogs, and popular websites.

One of the best ways to get traffic on your website is by sponsoring adverts about your products and services on popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On some of these websites, you get an analytical review on the number of people that viewed your adverts and were engaged by it.

Pay to get traffic on your websites.

There are a number of websites like StumbleUpon whose services majorly involves bring people to other people’s websites for a certain rate.Whenever there is a new post on your website, it may be a good time to engage the services of any of the marketing websites for publicity.

Be active on blogs and social networks across the internet where your interests are often discussed.

This simply means looking out for blogs, websites or social media groups where similar products or services to the once you offer are often discussed and ensuring you place comments and a link to your website.

Finally consistently Market digitally.

The biggest brands across the globe never stop finding new ways to increase their web traffic, so you would also need to keep up with being consistent.

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