Common Indications That It’s Time To Redesign Your Landing Page

Whether you own an e-commerce or an off the shelf web application, it’s always important that landing pages are designed to be attractive and functional as it determines the first impression a user would have about your Business. Experienced website owners understand the importance of continuous maintenance and often spend a fortune on this endeavor. The most amazing reality is that there is always something that can be improved regardless of how good your website is doing at any moment. However, it is very vital to know where or what to actually improve that would bring you the desired returns on investment, and while all fingers often point at the landing pages, there are times when your landing pages aren’t the issue and efforts and resources are better spent on improving some other feature. This fact literally begs the question “How do I know my landing page is doing fine?”.

Well let’s take a look at a few indications your landing pages aren’t doing well. I am confident it would help you decide whether to improve them or not.


  • Very low rate of Conversion

This is the clearest indication that it might be time to review the content of your landing pages. Quite a number of factors are used to determine the conversion rate of a landing page and these factors depends on the nature of your website which simply means, the way an e-commerce website is analyzed for conversion may deter slightly from the way a corporate website is evaluated. Whatever the nature of your website, a review becomes important when the ratio of the number of visits to the number of actual engagement is really low. These engagements may be user comments, product purchases, or form filled depending on the nature of your website. Checking this ratio against standard conversion rate thresholds can give you a clear picture of how well your landing pages are doing.

  • Your business has not improved considerably since its launch

Whatever the nature of your business, an implementation of a new page, a new feature or even the launch of a new website for the business is expected to improve the returns of that business. A good indication that you may need to improve the design of your landing page is if the landing pages are not adding the values for which they were designed to your business.

  •  It looks obsolete compared to the landing pages of other brands in your niche

Sometimes your conversion rate might not be very low and may even meet your business needs because you own a brand that has already won over a huge client-base or fan-base over the years, this is however not an indication that your landing pages are faring well. A lot of businesses are adopting a more graphical approach in their design by relying on images and animations to ease users through the workings of their web pages rather than the old way of putting up a detailed text. It is good practice to check out some of the latest graphical implementations on the pages of popular and similar brands and then perform a review if comparison suggests your landing pages are obsolete.

  • It is difficult to use on a mobile phone

The rapid growth of the mobile phone industry has made mobile-responsiveness an essential necessity for every website that desires to benefit from the traffic generated by the massive pool of mobile phone users.

Mobile-responsiveness is very vital for the success of every website hence, you may need to review your landing pages if they are not mobile-responsive.

  • It doesn’t effectively answer the “Whats” and “Hows” of your Business

Users tends to be more attracted to landing pages that answers the questions; What are you selling? What are the benefits of buying your products? How do I purchase? and how do I make payment?. They often look out for pages that can answer these questions in such manner that they don’t have to look through all the details on your website or read long texts. If your landing pages does not answer these questions in these manner, it would be a good idea to review them.


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